About the Developers

During the development of Verdun, M2H and Blackmill Games shared a common vision: an authentic World War One game that would offer something different to the typical First Person Shooter. This partnership would continue for two more games, with the releases of Tannenberg and Isonzo. All of us at BlackMill Games are very grateful for the help that M2H provided in laying the foundations as we continue to take the WW1 Game Series forwards.

The series throws players into intense warfare inspired by the chaos and fury of iconic battles from the First World War. Every game is built on a base of thorough research and receives post-release support bringing new content and challenges for our players. The games in the series are linked, but each one is standalone and provides a different experience, reflecting the nature of the fighting in the different theaters of the war.

Verdun and Tannenberg have been produced in collaboration with Unity and Firelight Technologies (FMOD). Special thanks go to C&Rsenal and The Great War.

BlackMill Games

BlackMill Games brings history to life in video games. Every project is carefully researched to provide authentic details combined with compelling gameplay within a historical setting. It was founded in 2013 by Jos Hoebe, a software engineer with a broad set of game design and development skills. The studio gained experience in the mod-scene and with the development of the music game MokMok. Verdun demonstrates the affinity BlackMill Games has with authentic historical games, the studio puts the user experience first and makes sure that this is the driving force behind every step of the design decision-making process. It didn’t make the European Develop 100 2013 for nothing!

BlackMill Games brings history to life in video games.